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The KDS cutlery co-operative in Sedlčany has had many predecessors. The direct predecessor was Rebec cutlery with its renowned craftsmanship quality. This manufacture had fifteen staff members before the First World War. The Rebec dynasty of blacksmiths was recorded in the local guild books in the 18th century, but the cutlery tradition in Sedlčany was first mentioned in the late 16th century in times of Jakub Krčín from Jelčany.

One member of The Rebec family who lived in Dublovice, worked as an armourer in the Napoleonic Wars. His son carried on with the production, at first he traveled, but then he trained as a cutler and settled in Sedlčany and later moved to Poustkov. His son - Augustýn Rebec then took over his father's workshop, extended it and his cutlery craftsmanship gained fame far and wide. His four sons continued in the family tradition by establishing the production of the famous Rebec razor blades.

At 1 p.m., On December 27, 1950, twenty-seven founding members of the Regional People's co-operative called Kovodružstvo convened the constituent general meeting in the Charles IV restaurant. The co-operative was a consolidation of Vilém Rebec cutlery manufacture in Sedlčany, and Vladimír Říha’s, cutlery in Benešov. The latter’s production programs were taken over by the co-operative. This is how the KDS started on January 1, 1951.

The co-operative quickly created and modified the production program, so that in 1958 it had 400 employees and produced 100 million pieces of razor blades and the company was making 120 types of products. Due to lack of skilled cutlers KDS opened its own vocational school for 170 pupils.

After twenty years of its existence, the company was employing 570 people, the original production of knives increased hundred times reaching two million pieces, and the company was developing outstandingly. At that time, they had their own network of stores and supplied the domestic market of kitchen knives by 80% and almost 100% of other cutlery goods.
In 1989, they had 620 employees and became one of the most prestigious companies in the region. The production of scissors and specialized manicure tools also increased significantly and was producing half a million pieces at that time.

Today, the Sedlčany cutlery co-operative is a traditional and experienced company, well known in the Czech Republic as well as in many European and world countries under the KDS brand. The production focuses mainly on a range of kitchen and butcher's knives, kitchen and butcher's utensils, household scissors and cutting elements of meat-grinders and food processors. KDS Sedlčany uses mainly domestic metallurgical materials in the production, but also materials imported from France - especially for professional product ranges. The products’ handles are made of high quality and non-toxic polypropylene. The use of natural wood is also becoming popular.

In addition to production, the co-operative also provides a comprehensive services (repair and sharpening) of any worn cutlery (not only KDS produced), renewing its original cutting properties.

Thanks to its mechanical equipment KDS Sedlčany is also able to provide other production cooperation, such as pressing and sanding work, spraying of plastic materials, nickel-plating, heat treatment and handicrafts.

The company also has a wide range of special machines and devices, which enables them to manufacture the majority of non-standard cutlery - mainly for use in the food industry (as well as in other sectors of industry), but they can also make custom tools according to customers’ drawings. They can even provide customers with necessary design drawings. Each specific case is solved individually, based on years of experience of the staff - masters of cutlery craftsmanship.