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Knives and cutlery products


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Production of knives, scissors and tools of all kinds is on the first place in the portfolio of activities of KDS Sedlčany. Thanks to its tradition and many years of experience in cutlery manufacturing, we are able to provide the highest quality of products to satisfy the most demanding customers. You can choose from a wide selection that includes kitchen, butcher and chef knives and utensils, household scissors, tailoring shears, embroidery or barber scissors, gardening tools, manicurists and chiropodists tools, cutting parts for meat grinders and food processors and many other specific products. In the menu you can also find semi-finished products and spare parts.

Here is an abbreviated list of products which might be familiar to you:

- Kitchen knives OPTIMA LINE, TREND and ROYAL TREND including kits labeled Variant
- Cooking knives KING'S ROW
- Kitchen utensils (honing steels, bottle openers, skewers, rolls needles, corkscrews, beaters, potato peelers, ...)
- Gardening shears and knives (grafting and pruning knives)
- Poultry shears
- Professional butcher knives PROFI LINE, choppers, butcher's axe, mincing knives
- Poultry shears, household and office scissors, tailoring, weaving and other shears
- manicure and pedicure tools (cuticle scissors, nail scissors and nail clippers, nail files, tweezers)
- Cutting parts for meat grinders and food processors (plates and blades)

The main advantages of the KDS Sedlčany products are:
- High quality stainless steel from France ensuring a longevity of blades
- Plastic handles meeting hygienic requirements
- Dishwasher safety
- Polypropylene handles with ergonomic shape preventing slipping of hands onto the cutting edge
- longevity of blades, reasonable price and professional quality of processing
- The KDS Sedlčany brand guarantees a high quality (in 2009, a forged KDS knife was 3rd out of 10 knives from world's leading manufacturers in tests conducted by the Czech independent testing laboratory)


If you want to examine our products, visit eshop or this link from our former showroom.